LED Angel Ring Series

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① High quality
Using Jercio XT1511-5050 RGB smd led with integrated IC,combine with double-side fiberboard, to make angel ring series.
It have the function of low lumen depreciaton, long lifespan, safe, envirronmental, and no color-different . Production Process Fine, it can replace traditional led ring.
② Programmable
Using Single line return to zero code protocol,
Each led as a set of loop,easy to program。And it can show any color cooperate with enviroment , to create more perfect life for you.
③ Width application
 Dazzle color rotating angel ring series, the led ring can beat with music. It is applicable to the lighting fields such as stage performance luminescent props, car lighting decoration, appliance sound light renovation, smart home lighting, automation equipment led, teaching model decoration, electronic and electrical luminescence products.

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